U-Haul Texas reviews

U-Haul Texas coupon code tire rotation reviews

Robert Stafford: I just filled up my tank at U-Haul at the corner of Watt and Fair Oaks Boulevard in Sacramento. I used my corporate credit card to buy gas. I always need a receipt to file with my expense report. The pump asked me if I wanted a receipt and I replied yes. When the pump finished filling my tank I waited for the receipt and none came out. I had stopped using U-Haul stations to buy gas because in almost every station I bought gas the receipt was only available if I went into the store. Imagine that! It seems U-Haul only cares about whether its customers go into the store and not whether it is convenient. They accept my credit card at the pump with no warning that I won’t get a receipt. I’m done with U-Haul. I’m going to talk with my legislator about legislation that requires a partial refund when the receipt is not available at the pump. If the station can’t provide a receipt, the pump should indicate that is the case. That would make sense if one receipt printer is out of order. My suspicion is that this is a consistent policy at U-Haul stations to increase traffic inside the convenience store.

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U-Haul Texas brakes discount coupons reviews

Michael Porridge: Horrible, rude service! The air pump was broken and let the air out of my tires, when I complained about this both employees on duty expressed complete indifference to my problem and wouldn’t even refund the $.50 I had put into the machine.

Helen Twist: They really irritate me.

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Reviews of U-Haul Texas discount coupon wheel alignment

Randall Hunter: Very fast and professional service. I got my car back within 45 mins and you get a discount if you fill up some gas. I patronized them for their smog check service, but not for its restroom.

Bartholomew Jackson: U-Haul is definitely the best in my area.

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