Advance Auto Parts Tennessee reviews

Reviews of Advance Auto Parts Tennessee promo code brakes

Dick Spike: The cashier working here 1/9/16 at 7pm is overcharging and stealing money. Rang me up for a pack of cigarettes: $6.38. I gave her $7.00. She quickly cleared the price on the register and insisted I owed $7.38. When I questioned her, the other woman (manager?) said, “No, it said $7.38.” I gave her the additional 38 cents so as to not hold up the line, but FYI there’s fishy business going on here. Hope someone in charge reads this and takes appropriate action.

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Advance Auto Parts Tennessee tire rotation promo code reviews

Bon McDowell: I was charged $250 for so called diagnostics for a problem caused by a rebuilt alternator Joe placed in my car.Joe tried to charge me $450 again for a battery cable he said cost $125 and $325 to install and another $500 to fix the engine light problem. Joe is really a dishonest mechanic that will try to milk you out of your hard earned money. Very DISHONEST mechanic.

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Advance Auto Parts Tennessee brakes coupons reviews

Michael Edifier: Good Luck……I got a new bike there and have had nothing but trouble since then. I was mis-quoted a price for the bike. I was told other things about the bike that were not true. My new new bike was ridden 1 day and has been in thier shop the rest. Look at the rest of the yelps and do yourself a favor and just stay away.

Alex Stanley: They have made a repeat customer out of me and from this moment I’m referring all my friends to Advance Auto Parts.

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Weathertech Oregon reviews

Weathertech Oregon oil change coupon code reviews

Martin Cooper: This is the only place open within walking distance late at night to buy cigarettes if you are in the Park Merced area, the prices are moderate for San Francisco. The gas station right behind it is cheaper for cigies though so go there during the day. The staff is so so. Some are very cool and nice once you get to know them. You will be carded every time, sometimes even if they have known you for a year, who knows why, the law doesn’t require it once they know who you are, but the cameras are always watching and their bosses might fire them if they see them not checking. Monster energy drink is cheaper elsewhere though, candy prices are ok though- for san Francisco.

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Weathertech Oregon transmission flush coupons reviews

Simon Hubert: These guys saved my life! Passing through on my way from New Mexico to Portland, my alternator went out. I got towed to the Ford Dealer, where they attempted utter highway robbery. Broadmoor Towing recommended I try Weathertech and Edward gave me a quote that was less than half of what Ford had offered! Needless to say, I wish I would have found them first. These guys are the kind of friendly, old-school, respectable business I wish I could use for everything!

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Weathertech Oregon promo code wheel alignment reviews

Anthony Parker: Robert and Simon absolutely bailed me out and their willingness to help their customers is unmatched. I took my car to them for step one of the things I needed for my registration renewal, and they took me all the way through steps 2,3,4, and 5! I couldn’t have done it without them and can’t thank them enough.

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Valvoline Ohio reviews

Valvoline Ohio discount coupon transmission flush reviews

Alan Lindsey: Oscar put my car on a running machine (not sure what it’s called) and made it run for a good 30 minutes, put some miles on it maybe the codes would come back but they didn’t. Since I only had one day I felt like giving up!! Paying the money for the smog, failing the smog, going back to the DMV to buy more time and coming back in a few days to see if the codes on my engine would come back and the pay for another smog.

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Valvoline Ohio brakes promo code reviews

Daniel Norman: I particularly like Valvoline because of the 20 discount I get per gallon of gasoline I purchase from Safeway gas discount. This Chevron is basic, clean enough, has the items I need and is great to fill up at if you are on the way across the Golden Gate Bridge. You can fill up your car and run across the street to the Starbucks and get a cup of coffee.

Leo Spencer: A total joke. This is not detailing, this is a bunch of kids having a church fundraiser and washing cars, only the kids at the church do a whole lot better job and aren’t assholes.

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Reviews of Valvoline Ohio discount coupon brakes

Holy Greer: I return to the station. The mechanic ( a hispanic man) checks it out and figures there’s another problem. He discusses it with a supervisor who then proceeds to tell me the tire is bad and they can’t fix it. He offers me $25 off towards his $100 tire. wtf? $75 for 1 tire? I know better that to take this ripoff. The tire has about 10K miles so it didn’t go bad.

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Thrifty Car Rental North Carolina reviews

Reviews of Thrifty Car Rental North Carolina discount coupon oil change

Hubert McCarthy: Right away Tom checked my car and broke it down to me very simple said the problem was 2 hoses that where old, torn, taped and could not hold the air pressure for the engine. He showed it to me which was awesome because he wasn’t giving me B.S and he called a couple places to see if they had the parts and quickly found the dealership had it. Once the parts arrived Anthony replaced the hoses on the engine and reset the codes and told me to drive it as much as I could. I was desperate to get this fixed because the DMV only gave me 1 day to get it smogged.

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Thrifty Car Rental North Carolina tire rotation promo code reviews

Randall Ross: I only trust Howard for all my mechanic needs for any of my cars!!! So i left the gas station and i drove south going back home and i saw a place i never seen before called “POTRETRO PERFORMANCE AUTO” and decided to try them out. I drove inside the shop and was surprised to see Sam at this shop. So i let Howard service my car and when i left i noticed i only drove 2 blocks up from shell, its located between 18th and Mariposa, a blue building. I won’t miss it when i drive by now.

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Thrifty Car Rental North Carolina oil change discount coupons reviews

Shauna Sanders: I was in need if work on my .. a friend if my frank side i need go they so i did . i live in modest was vist. i was happy happy what work if you need your car work on go to daly city they are y new friend. Thanks.

Donald Johnson: Such sweet and amazing guys!! Had a nail in my tire and the got me in immediately and got it done in 10 minutes for $16! They completely saved the day

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Belle Tire Ohio reviews

Belle Tire Ohio wheel alignment coupon code reviews

Ronald Matthews: Called last night for flat tire. I was on my way to the hospital. That was real emergency. I had to take care of the patient. Urgent surgery was needed. I called Belle Tire, explained the urgency, they said someone will call back within 15 minutes. I started to dismount damaged wheel myself, while waiting. If that would be different situation, I wouldn’t mind to wait. Then the assigned mechanic called, asked my location and responded that he cannot assist me and advised me to call 911 instead and wait for assistance from police, etc. I proceeded with replacement of the wheel. I did it myself. I made it to the operating room. That’s not a movie, that’s a real life situation. The road assistance didn’t show up. Useless service.

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Belle Tire Ohio brakes discount coupons reviews

Robert Russell: This is one man business. I dont think this guy as license. The shop is just a small tent built on the side walk of a gas station. we made an appointment and I drove 30 mins to get there. I was on time but he was not there. I waited 15 mins and called him. He told me he had a job to do and only could be there one hour later. Screw him.

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Reviews of Belle Tire Ohio transmission flush promo codes

Jocelyn Baker: I asked the mechanic if his labor rate was $28 per minute. He actually got indignant and reluctantly said, “don’t worry, I will give you a break”. Really? $5 discount because I inquired. Should I be okay with this? NOT! Now I am down to paying $22 per minute for labor.

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