Valvoline Wyoming reviews

Valvoline Wyoming discount coupon wheel alignment reviews

Mary Hopkins: Call Sam at night and left a message, he returned my call at 8:30pm the same night! The next morning took my car to Frank who was very knowledgeable and friendly. The quote he gave me was significantly lower than a quote I got from Oscar (Mountain View). He had my car ready in a few hours and even tested my clutch at no charge and found nothing wrong with it. Final work was exactly on the budget he estimated. Super honest, fair price, knowledgeable, and a nice guy. What else could you ask from a car shop?

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Reviews of Valvoline Wyoming transmission flush promo codes

George Andrews: I am the store manager at Sears Auto Center in San Bruno. I used Valvoline a few times to tow customer vehicles into our shop. These guys are courteous and reliable and get the job done at an incredible pace. Our customers are very happy with their service as well and say that they will use them again if they need a tow. Great guys, great price!

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Valvoline Wyoming oil change promo code reviews

Hubert Floyd: I had a great experience here. My service plan with Nissan just expired and this is my first time to have to go somewhere outside of the dealership and oh my goodness was it so much better. I expected to get a call a couple hours after I dropped it off telling me I probably should do x,y,z additional services. Nope…Edward called one quick hour later to inform me that it was ready. Shocked, I asked him if he needed anything else bc I’m so used to a laundry list of additional things “I need to do to be safe” and he just smiled and said nope, your car is in great shape. I’ll be back!

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Thrifty Car Rental Wisconsin reviews

Reviews of Thrifty Car Rental Wisconsin oil change promo codes

Marshall Osborne: Thrifty Car Rental is a scam. They say they do a good job on your car but left mine with scratches and a hole in my seat i asked why and Sam told it must of been from a cigarette smoked from one of the employers !!! as well half my gas tank missing ???an don’t leave your car there they drive it around to do their own business witch is unacceptable in all bad service … well write their own reviews on yelp ……..they have no insurance on your vehicle false advertising ask him your self for proof !! also the other guy working getting paid on disability an employers under the table shady business !!!!!

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Thrifty Car Rental Wisconsin coupons transmission flush reviews

Kenneth Paterson: I would have to warn people not to use this business. The groupon very clearly stated the price for service, however when I called to schedule mike broke into a long winded conversation about how this is ruining his business. Very quickly I came to understand that he was not going to honor the terms of the groupon and hung up the phone. I then got a series of angry text messages from Mike about how I shouldn’t lose interest without hearing all of his overpriced alternatives. Sorry. Mike but rule 1, the customer is always right. This was a waste of time and a waste of money for me.

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Thrifty Car Rental Wisconsin coupons tire rotation reviews

Paul Brown: When I drove away there was a strange odor in the car and a lot of débris from the shop! I think they were driving with the windows open, and left them open in the shop. I saw a strange bug in my car later!

Britney Mitchell: I like how they repaired my car.

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Belle Tire Vermont reviews

Belle Tire Vermont wheel alignment promo codes reviews

Bruce Clyde: I have a 2014 Subaru STI wagon and unfortunately Subi did not offer a back up camera in any of the trim levels. This should be standard equipment, are you listening Subaru? anyways, I found Danny’s add on CL for a backup camera kit that would fit my car and plug directly into the factory navigation system without cutting wires and doing anything crazy. So after a few phone conversations we set up a time for the install. Everything went just as Danny said it would. Very smooth with no unexpected issues and he even let me help. This is the most professional installation I have ever had done. He was very careful during both the disassembly and reassembly of all the interior pieces and at the end all systems were double checked and adjusted to be sure that everything worked just as it should.

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Belle Tire Vermont brakes discount coupons reviews

Jack Matthews: Don’t waste your money here, unprofessional personal. the owner is a full of lies guy. i paid a lot of money for nothing, they didn’t do the job the offer. this is a shiity business. stay away of this guy.

Clifton Fergusson: Highly recommended!

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Belle Tire Vermont oil change promo code reviews

Domenic Parsons: I immediately called Ford and got the tech I really wanted in the first place. He said that the other tech was mistaken. He said if you want quality exhaust work done…..don’t go to Golden Muffler…..they’re cheap and unreliable. It may be OK for an old beater, but not any car that you want to remain nice. He gave me a new company to call, Exhaust Outlets Muffler Shop. I called and told the owner Tom my story. He laughed and said, “I’m constantly cleaning up Lisa’s messes”. Problem was it was too late to bring it in that weekend, so I had to wait until the following week.

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Weathertech Virginia reviews

Weathertech Virginia transmission flush coupons reviews

Walter Beasley: Nothing but cheap … sometimes. Yelled at me because the machine can’t read my credit card. I tried to explain but he kept saying I put in the wrong zip codes. I meant I went back and forth for 5 times, then he said nothing he can do which normally the other guy will use another machine in the office with apologize. Same thing happened to the old lady behind me. Feel sorry for his boss (Oct 15, 2012 at 7:30am).

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Weathertech Virginia transmission flush coupon code reviews

Joshua Singleton: He has helped me with my Honda so many times when it was an old falling apart car and he saved me soooo much money on parts and labor just by telling me things I didn’t need. He helped me get almost 280k out of that motor!

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Reviews of Weathertech wheel alignment discount coupons Virginia

Homer Gilbert: Hit or miss. Sometimes I feel like I’m in an m/c shop. Other times I feel like I’m dealing with hipsters which fucking annoys me. It all depends on the staff. Bought a few Ducatis from here before it became a fashion trend for the limp wrist when motorcycles were for riding and not for status or cruising starbucks or the castro or to San Jose.. Brought in my 999s for service and did a great job. I even brought a Paso once and the service staff tried to keep a straight face. I have to give them credit for that. Parts know their shit. Sales. Depends. Sometimes there’s someone who don’t know what a motorcycle is. Then there are those who actually ride. Overall, give them a chance.

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U-Haul Texas reviews

U-Haul Texas coupon code tire rotation reviews

Robert Stafford: I just filled up my tank at U-Haul at the corner of Watt and Fair Oaks Boulevard in Sacramento. I used my corporate credit card to buy gas. I always need a receipt to file with my expense report. The pump asked me if I wanted a receipt and I replied yes. When the pump finished filling my tank I waited for the receipt and none came out. I had stopped using U-Haul stations to buy gas because in almost every station I bought gas the receipt was only available if I went into the store. Imagine that! It seems U-Haul only cares about whether its customers go into the store and not whether it is convenient. They accept my credit card at the pump with no warning that I won’t get a receipt. I’m done with U-Haul. I’m going to talk with my legislator about legislation that requires a partial refund when the receipt is not available at the pump. If the station can’t provide a receipt, the pump should indicate that is the case. That would make sense if one receipt printer is out of order. My suspicion is that this is a consistent policy at U-Haul stations to increase traffic inside the convenience store.

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U-Haul Texas brakes discount coupons reviews

Michael Porridge: Horrible, rude service! The air pump was broken and let the air out of my tires, when I complained about this both employees on duty expressed complete indifference to my problem and wouldn’t even refund the $.50 I had put into the machine.

Helen Twist: They really irritate me.

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Reviews of U-Haul Texas discount coupon wheel alignment

Randall Hunter: Very fast and professional service. I got my car back within 45 mins and you get a discount if you fill up some gas. I patronized them for their smog check service, but not for its restroom.

Bartholomew Jackson: U-Haul is definitely the best in my area.

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