Belle Tire Idaho reviews

Reviews of Belle Tire Idaho promo code brakes

Dick Spencer: I have the worst experience with this location, they over charge for everything. I purchased a tire from them and they charged me for warranty which was fine, three week later the tire has crack on it, went back to them and they want to charge me for tire shipping, balancing and the things total of 42 dollars despite all those things supposedly covered by the warranty. The person there was rude and very disrespectful. Not recommended this place you better off go somewhere

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Belle Tire Idaho discount coupon wheel alignment reviews

Stewart Grey: I’ve worked on cars since the early 1970’s. My first job out of high school was in an auto repair shop, and I do my own maintenance. I’ve done valve jobs, ring replacements and brakd jobs; modified sports cars and 4×4’s, and rebuilt an old Norton and a vintage Harley, so I think I have some idea what oil leaks look like. Generally they are messy, as the wind passing through the engine compartment and under the car tends to blow it around, making the source difficult to locate. Even a small leak can spread oily residue afar, so to do a hands-on inspection and not find any oil on my hands …. let’s just say I don’t share my wife’s opinion that this is a good and honest shop.

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Belle Tire Idaho oil change coupons reviews

Brad Hilton: When I moved to Albany in May 2010, I took my 1998 Volvo C70 sedan to Belle Tire. I brought it in for a check engine sensor light check. They recommended, and included, estimates for new tires and front brakes with my bill, when I picked up the car. It’s true that the tires do appear dry and cracked-they are old, but lightly used and have sufficient tread left. I confirmed this with my previous mechanic in Palo Alto.

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Advance Auto Parts Georgia reviews

Advance Auto Parts Georgia transmission flush coupons reviews

Eric Hawkins: After a lot of searching for a place in SF to store a vehicle I found Advanced Auto Parts. It’s a quick bus ride from the SF Bus Terminal downtown to get out to that place. The bus will drop you 2 blocks from the gate. Each year I found their reservation and check out process easy and efficient. Everyone there has always been helpful and friendly.

Howard Finn: I went back 4 days later and Bon checked the codes on my car and all the codes came back!! and I was able to get my car smogged and it passed! Anthony is GREAT!! He did not come after my MONEY like the other car shops did. Bon was honest and like I said CHEAP! Thanks, Bon!

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Advance Auto Parts Georgia coupons brakes reviews

Brad Stone: Met a Man named Sam on short notice because I needed to smog my car and get it registered at the DMV. My car had a check engine sign on it and I went to 2 different repair shops to get a quote and see what was wrong with it but both shops where extremely expensive and very FISHY! So I decided to bring my car here on such a short notice because the DMV gave me one day to smog my car. Sam received me even after not having an appointment.

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Advance Auto Parts Georgia tire rotation coupon code reviews

William Scrooge: I bought two tires in Aug 2012 and two more in June 2013. The tires are warrantied for 60,000 miles. All four are worn out ~25,000 miles later. But the shop will not honor the warranty, b/c the fine print says the warranty is only good if I bring it back and have them rotated every 6,000 miles and aligned every year. Seriously? I’m supposed to pay them to rotate the tires twice a year to keep the warranty. What a rip off.

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Advance Auto Parts Arkansas reviews

Advance Auto Parts Arkansas brakes coupon code reviews

Mike Duke: Was good at one time. You will pay heavy for OJT, high prices for parts, and get a car with more problems than it had before it rolled in. Would not recommend at this time.
1. Took my car in for a engine problem, got a transmission overhaul, car never ran the same.
2. Took another car in for no start, promised to fix AC he installed which never worked….you guessed it, still does not work after $1200 bill. Not including the original fix.
3. Another car for a window problem, wanted 700 to fix. claimed most was parts. I did the research and the total for parts was under $80.00.
Total rip off..

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Advance Auto Parts Arkansas tire rotation coupon code reviews

Bella Clinton: I’ve known the manager for years, and i’ve brought all the cars i’ve owned to this shop for repair. Lately I brought my Volvo in for a timing belt change (including pullies, tensioners, etc). I also opted to have the water pump replaced and by doing so, they would have to drain my coolant. This would involve taking the front air dam of my bumper off to drain the coolant…

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Advance Auto Parts Arkansas wheel alignment promo codes reviews

Phil Hendrix: I must comment that the cost of tickets in this city is just outrageous and getting worse and worse. With the tow trucks in line awaiting the clock to tick away, then swooping in and capturing their prey. Making more and more $$ for the city is just wrong… about a sting action. It happens everyday and the meter people need to take some classes on courtesy as well. They are soooooo rude and arrogant. No compassion whatsoever……so, don’t think about trying to talk yourself out of a ticket with them.

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Weathertech California reviews

Weathertech California transmission flush coupon code reviews

Tom Jackson: I received a ticket in a 2 hour parking area. It was a street cleaning day. I guess the ticket person had check me at 8:ish am then I left the parking area before 9:00am because street cleaning is from 9:00am to 11:00am then I came back before 11:00am I noticed that the street cleaning car has gone so I decided to park there. It’s a residential area, it’s not a tourist area. I got back to my car before 1:00pm and I noticed a parking citation at 11:05 am. I protested the citation and I received an administrative review stating that ” If you leave a restricted area and later return to it, you are advised to park in a different block to avoid being citated for overtime parking. What? overtime parking, I left for an hour and half and park near where I had park earlier. I don’t mind parking the ticket but I think this is an abuse. I should not being paid for this citation. Anyone has any advice?

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Weathertech California tire rotation promo code reviews

Sarah Smith: Worst service ever. Very very rude and dishonest. Don’t believe what they say. Always attempt to rip off customers. Overpriced, poor repairs by unqualified technicians. Stay away from them. I warn you.

Arthur McKinley: I had an issue with my property and Frank stepped up in a major way. It’s very reassuring to know solid people like Frank still exist; those who make things right when problems arise. I’m very impressed.

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Reviews of Weathertech California oil change promo code

Dick Spencer: I won’t be going back there again. Actually glad to see that others seem to have had a good experience there, if not surprised.

Alice Brighton: There’s nothing special in this service. I guess I could find something much better and what’s more – cheaper.

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Valvoline Arizona reviews

Valvoline Arizona r oil change discount coupon reviews

Dick Sawyer: I am always apprehensive about getting my car repaired, especially since more goes wrong with it as the years and miles go by (it’s a 1994 Honda Civic with 191,000 miles). So I am glad to have found Valvoline. When I take my car there for major or minor problems, I consistently receive a quick response, with the help I need. I am given the information to make decisions about what options are available, and when I’m not familiar with the problem, Nin, the service manager patiently explains it to me. I’m told up front what the cost will be, and at times it ends up being even less than expected. When I told the folks at Valvoline that my goal is to drive my car at least as many miles as from the earth to the moon (238,857) their response was “Sure! We can help you do that!” Now that I’ve found Valvoline I no longer dread having my car repaired. They are the best of both worlds– a friendly, neighborhood atmosphere with all the resources and expertise of a big shop.

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Valvoline Arizona promo code wheel alignment reviews

Bon Glitch: I called this morning at 11:00 am asking if the car I was interested in was still available. The salesman J. told me the car was still available, I went in at 4:30 ready to purchase the car, I was told to wait for 20 min. 40 plus minutes later of waiting I was then told,”sorry the car you wanted was sold this morning”.

Emily Spears: They’re born to be mechanics.

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Reviews of Valvoline Arizona oil change coupons

Howard Clyde: I’ll keep getting back to Valvoline in the future.

Stuart Stevenson: As for me, I consider them to be pure scams.

Alex Thatcher: I don’t like their reputation. They don’t deserve my money.

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